K.SLA 4 

Kässbohrer’s extendable low-bed semi-trailer with 4 axles, K.SLA 4, transcends the limits of engineering to provide reliable performance in heavy good transportation. With 3-step side extension brackets and 7 different sliding ramp options, K.SLA 4 enhances operational flexibility and eliminates idle workshop time. Equipped with advanced load security features, K.SLA 4 offers enhanced maneuvering capability in the toughest working conditions.

Product Range
For different customer needs, Kässbohrer Low-bed product family includes 3, 4 or 5 axle extendable lowbed semi-trailers.

Wide Ramp Options
Semi-trailer can be equipped with 7 different ramp options:
- 3.390 mm mechanical or hydraulic sliding ramps made of hardwood or steel grid floor
- 4.260 mm hydraulic sliding ramps made of hardwood or steel grid floor
- Portable Aluminum sliding ramps

Load Security
Semi-trailer is equipped with the following load security systems:
- 3x2 lashing rings with 6 t capacity on gooseneck section
- 4x2 lashing rings with 6 t capacity on platform section
- 8x2 lashing rings with 6 t capacity on side rave
Options for additional load security:
- 3x2 units of container locks (1x20 ft, 1x30 ft, 1x40 ft)
- 8x2 units of 42 mm x 62 mm side post pockets

High tension welded chassis made of ST52-3
Brake System
Wabco EBS 4S/3M double circuit electro pneumatic brake system with RSS; spring-actuated
parking brake according to EC Directive 71/320 EEC
Electric System
2 x 7 + 1 x 15 pin plug socket according to EC Directive 76/756 EEC along with 24 V lighting installation
Front Landing Gear
Jost 24 t mechanical landing gear
Rear Landing Gear
Manual foldable landing gear with 45 t static capacity
16+1 units 245/70 R 17.5 tyres with steel rims
Axle & Suspension
2 fixed and 2 self steering SAF 11 t load capacity axles with air suspension and drum brakes. First axle lifting with manual control from trailer
45 mm Hardwood with chequered steel plate over tyre sections
Side Extensions
9x2 units of 300 mm galvanized steel side extensions brackets (gradually with 100 mm extensions)
Rear Ramps
2 pieces, Short, Hydraulic foldable ramps with mechanical sliding and 45 mm hard wood floor, ramp angle: 12°, capacity: 60 t

5th Wheel Height
1.300 mm
Wheel Base
8.405 mm
Overall Length
13.190 mm
Gooseneck Length
3.950 mm
Platform Length
9.240 + 6.000 mm
Platform Height
890 mm
Total Width
2.550 mm
Sliding Platform Length
300 mm
Tare Weight
13.250 kg ±3%
Total Permissible Weight (105 km/hr)
58.000 kg
Total Permissible Weight (80 km/hr)
60.800 kg
Total Permissible Weight (60 km/hr)
64.100 kg
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